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5 Responses to “Chapter 53 // Episode 8”

  1. Kapam says:

    And with this Episode we’re doing our holiday break. We know, we know, quite the cliffhanger(faller?), but you know how it is…
    We’ll be back on January 2nd, which, since we started all of this nonsense on January 1st 2010, will be Tale of Fiction’s 10 year anniversary.

    Gods, we’re getting old…
    Have a fun time, and we’ll see you next year!

    All the loves (and a little bit of worm jizz)
    Kili & Felix

  2. Yohannon says:

    I just had to show this to several people because there are only a handful of webcomic artists who have effectively broken the static image modality in a graphic novel art form… Wapsi Square, Church of the Poisoned Minds/SSDD and Sluggy Freelance come to mind… as well as this strip does. They LITERALLY break the plane of their existence, and it’s BEEEYOOOTIFUL!

    Now to survive the holidays to see what happens next….

  3. MB JC says:

    Oh you guys, you did it again! How marvellous!

  4. MCBuhl says:

    Yeah. What a depiction of a decent high. I Love you.

  5. Lukas says:

    And it’s only just beginning…!

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