So here’s the thing. We need another week before we can get back to business. We totally can’t talk about it right now, but it has nothing to do with excessive drinking and/or partying or anything of the sort. That was the week before. This is because of the next episode, but WE ABSOLUTELY CAN NOT TALK ABOUT IT. Yeah. Sorry. Go read the Who is Who section again, maybe?

Un-frakking-believable! We’ve been doing this crap for 10 entire fucking years now!

(back then we thought telling our tale as a videogame / RPG seemed unrealistically lengthy and tedious, so we decided on a web-comic instead… But we were nothing but sweet summer children, clueless to the ways of the world… And now we’re still at it, and still at least 5 years shy of actually finishing this thing, oh gods…)

But despite having a treasure trove of experience, we’re still entirely inept at predicting the excesses taking place during the holidays… and the resulting inability to do our frakking jobs and at least giving you one episode per week.

So, yeah, there won’t be a new episode today (but we’re working hard on it — well, at least when we’re able-bodied and -minded).

But since we don’t want to leave you hanging entirely on this, uhm, special occasion, we’re giving you the finally finished Who is Who-section! Find it in the header up top, on the right!

There you’ll find every last character which has been graced with a tag (which are a few over 70 at the moment) completed with a picture, a short (spoiler-free) description and a link to an overview of all their episodes.  It’s not a new episode… but it is at least something, right?

Yeah… So… anyways! Thanks for sticking with us! Happy new year everyone!


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  1. MCBuhl says:

    I wish you and your beloved ones also the best for 2020 and that the start in the year was worth it…

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