Kilian Wilde – Soldier of chaos and artist of fortune – he’s drawing and writing the Tale of Fiction! Currently occupied as freelance illustrator in Frankfurt and living the good life. He’s drawing, writing, concepting and coloring all day (and most nights) for you! Felix Schittig – Gonzo-web-programmer and rockstar – he’s giving Tale of Fiction it’s colors (and trying to do it every day again). Also responsible for the website. Located in Aschaffenburg and working as a web developer. Lukas Wilde – Warrior of mind. Enjoys to consider himself an integral co-creator of Tale of Fiction. However, he does not actually contribute anything, aside from the occasional column, chapter recap or character interpretation.


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  1. Der Lukas says:

    But it’s the theoretical framework of the meta-plot and magique-system, the physics and metaphysics, that I’m really ACE in!

  2. Alexander says:


    Ihr habt ein Comic mit meinem Sohn auf der Comicsolidarity veröffentlicht…
    Kann ich das Original bekommen?

    Das wäre ein Riesenspaß für den Jungen!

    Viele Grüße


    Mail oben….

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