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13 Responses to “We want you to”

  1. Shawn_get_it_on! says:

    Definitly E! You could recognize him more easily, because he would stand out more.
    And you could say its in honor of Alfred Edmondson! So E.

  2. Der Lukas says:

    As long as I don’t have to cope with the gay tanned Swedish bodybuilder, I’m cool.

  3. Djed Moros says:

    Totally E. Afro-awesome.

  4. feri says:

    C! He’ll get every chick he likes with that! I also think that’s his natural tan… Nobody would look that stupid with purpose

  5. Feri says:

    I really can’t appreciate this hype for the black guy. What’s so special about him?Because he’s looking fancy? He’s being different? I would like people to look behind appearances and see the potential.

  6. Ghandi says:

    @Feri: well then tell us who is your favorit? and why. And by the way, how can you look behind appearances? There are just 5 faces.
    So you think E has less potential then the others? Tell me why! perhaps you can convince us.

  7. Shawn_get_it_on! says:

    Sneaky + Sneaky´s necklace + white tank top + learned his style in the slums = E!
    just my narrow minded oppinion 😉

    But C would be funny as hell!

  8. Lixus says:


  9. feri for C! says:

    why…the first thing about the C-guy are his daunting eyes. I believe they’re at least 0.1 mm larger than the other’s. There is a whole lot of experience hidden behind those eyes. Don’t get fooled by his cocky grin. That guy got stuff to tell! This big engaging eyes! He looks like he could charm the pants off everybody. Especially the girl’s 🙂
    The contrast between his blond hair and his dark tan is not an indicator of a person who only was too often in the tanning shop. It perfectly displays the dilemma Sneaky bears within his heart.
    Some of you might prefer the easy solution by voting for E. Why? Because he looks funny? No dear comrades… This guy probably grew up in the high society districts of Cull Haven, not in the slums. Just look at his well-combed hair… That guy ain’t no gangster.
    We altogether have too great a responsibility here. Don’t make snap judgements! Recall what life has taught YOU so far.
    So… it’s not my decision here. It’s yours. Dream on if you dare and take E which could still be funny in 2 weeks. But if you’re willing to really improve this great online comic with an ever lasting feature, then my friends you could follow me and grasp this opportunity by voting for C!

  10. Jussuf says:

    I have to side with feri on that one, even if it makes me feel very uneasy! Its defenitely C or any other ,BUT NOT E !

    E looks too feminine…. just lock at it… could be a ugly girl… reminds me a little bit of a simpsons character from an parallel universe where the simpsons are not from china but afrika… i dont like that look. If the slumgirl had given him a #1 or #2 or “#choose a random number-Headband” then I would agree with E but since it is a necklace I just cant stay silent when the people vote for disaster.

  11. A = ok
    B = a little too irsih
    c = perfect
    D = could be a girl aswell
    E =not an option

    So to speak of DD, why does sneaky not change the gender of his human form ? that would be like the perfect disguise AND the male heavy plot would be more …. probably a bad suggestion

    anyway keep up the good work guys !

  12. Kapam says:

    All of you guys amuse the shit out of me.
    Please continue!

  13. Feri says:

    @Jussufs Bruder:
    I think if Sneaky were a girl, Harper couldn’t avoid to harpering him/her…

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