Because we love you so much, we give you three super special artworks.

Uh… Quick drawings. Or scribbles. At best.

That, and because we are adjusting some internal workflow things and  jibberjabber bunkumdum, you know, new hardware and stuff. Anyhow. We will be back this Thursday with a brand new episode of Tale of Fiction, containing your favorite characters, Sneaky, Harper and Vauxhall (Room).


Sneaky and a dog type monster, sharing a drink.


I totally love these outfits. I’m thinking of newer dressing them differently from now on. Felix! Let’s talk about this!


And for the first time, all seven DUF Special Agents revealed. Of course only an early scribble. Don’t get greedy now. No, wait, they were shown once already! Ah, whatever.

That’s it for today.


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