Due to totally unexpected and under no circumstances forseeable events (we’ll get to that later) we didn’t get around to do an Episode for today. Not even an Intermission Episode. Not even a scribble, or, well… anything! For frakk’s sake!

Just a few lines of text. That’s it.

Also, it was Kili’s birthday yesterday and apparently he’s getting lazier with every passing year, that bum!

See you guys on Thursday!

(Sorry about this)

3 Responses to “Intermission // Well… not really…”

  1. MC JB says:

    Well, happy belated birthday then! Woop woop

  2. freakedfollower says:

    Happy birthday, Kili! Even with experience, my imagination does not reach far enough to picture the circumstances that led to this day!:))

  3. Djed Moros - Chief Barista of the Finely Ground Guild says:

    A series of unfortunate events, I’m sure.

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