12 Responses to “Intermission // Opening”

  1. Der Lukas says:


  2. Der Lukas says:

    By the way, looking SO forward to the silly stuff you never got around putting in the comic! 🙂
    (And congrats and stuff! Well done!)

  3. Flowraider says:

    Congrats. You guys rock!

  4. anderer Stephan says:

    congratulations to 500 epic episodes! go on and i have to say: ingenious intermission opening 🙂

  5. MC JB says:

    You are coming to Erlangen? This is… the … the best day of my life! (Yes, better than my wedding and the birth of my two sons!)

  6. Blackdiscoball says:

    Love the comic! Keep up the great work.

  7. Johannes says:

    Great work guys, contratz!

  8. Schreckie says:

    500? wow. it was a great journey so far. great job 🙂 and hell yeah, erlangen!

  9. Flowraider says:

    Too bad I don’t live in Germany anymore. Damn!

  10. jasper says:


  11. Jan says:

    cg to 500 episodes. really like your style and story.

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