“Devices? Touch-tablets? Cloud-Storage? In the Cull Haven apartment? They didn’t have those, back in Chapter 1! They don’t even have smartphones! They only got the Drag-Pad much later in the E.A.S.! Is this a breach of continuity?!” 

Yes, you’ve noticed correctly! Normally they don’t have all that “new” technology on the Fictionarian mainland. But they do for this intermission! Because NONE OF THIS IS IN CONTINUITY AND YOU KNOW THAT VERY WELL YOURSELF!

3 Responses to “Intermission // Episode 157”

  1. NTG says:

    “CONTINUITY” is also called “Canon” and as the literally God of Fictionaria you can decide whatever you want has to be Canon. So you decided that the intermissions are non Canon and withhin not in the realm of Fictionaria. I’m fine with that. What i’m not fine with is…THAT YOU HAVE MADE ANOTHER INTERMISSION!!! 😡 GET BACK TO WORK LAZY BUM!

  2. Kapam says:

    And your not-fine-ness is absolutely understandable!
    Sorry about that!

  3. NTG says:

    Naa it’s okay. life isn’t easy and has of course priority over a Webcomic. But those Cliffhangers drive me nuts.

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