There’s way too little fart humor around lately.

What? Another intermission episode? What the frakk? Tale of Fiction is currently undergoing some time-consuming metaphysical changes (I know, right?) and while we’re not sure where exactly those changes will take us, we sure as hells won’t let you suffer through the week without the two agreed upon episodes every Monday and Thursday. 

We’ll do our best to deliver as many regular episodes as possible, (at least one every week, we hope) but since we’re kinda strapped (with the metaphysical stuff) there’ll be intermission episodes along the way from now on. So hunker down, and strap yourself in, ’cause there’s gonna be a whole lot of awesome shit at the end of this transitioning phase.

Peace out, you fellow macry humpers.


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  1. Eike says:

    damn, sneaky likes to live dangerous. big gas explosion next to him and hes enjoying a smoke… 😀

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