Whow, it’s our 100. intermission episode!

But… is it a good thing…?

5 Responses to “Intermission // Episode 100”

  1. SchallundRauch says:

    Good and bad I guess. At least there are regular updates.
    I cannot find the date, when we will have colour back.
    Also, when do we see te lawmages again?

  2. Kapam says:

    I guess you’re right, SchallundRauch! 😉
    There hasn’t been an announcement yet, regarding the date. But since you’re asking… We’re trying to return on January the 30th!

  3. MC JB says:

    The fucking 30th??????????????? That is downright malicious, treating your loyal fans like that. Just like a think the lawmaker would do 🙂

  4. freakedfollower says:

    Nah, it’s fine with me.^^ I’m sure you guys are in good hands. Bonus points, today, ’cause this game sounds exactly like my life right now, except for the dungeon setting maybe. But I’m working on that to make a move. 😀

  5. der andere Stephan says:

    there is probably life happening or something…;) butttt set up patron so we can pay you to do episodes :))))) but then there would not be any more of those hilarious intermissions…. so just keep doing what you are doing 😉

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