Hey there, fellas! Something whacked-out this way comes!

But let’s get this out of the way first: We’re doing a short holiday/new years-break of two weeks and will return with regular episodes on January 14th.

Now let’s get whacky. We’re finally doing this Patreon-thing some of you guys keep nagging us about (you know who you are)! It’s only been ten years, but eventually (and with a lot of help of our friends) we got our lazy arses in gear and came up with some pretty neat stuff!

Starting now you can throw your hard-earned gelders our way!

Become a patron and interact with the rest of the vibrant Tale of Fiction fan community… and of course us on a personal level! So what’s going on exactly?

We prepared a wide array of goodies for you! Be it a trove of scenic background images, sneak-peaks for coming episodes, exlusive “Other Tales” episodes about your  favorite B-, C- and D-characters, the right to vote for the topics of these Other Tales… or even becoming Sneaky’s new best buddy.  And we will probably see a return of Bison & the Boar Boys, as well!

The first voting for the first “Other Tales” episode will start on January 27th.

Do you want all the details? Head over to patreon and check it out thoroughly! Also, while you’re there have a look at the video at the end of the page! It’ll be worth your time, we swear!

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