And Hooray! This is our 300th Episode! Whoooop whoooop!

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6 Responses to “Chapter 9 // Episode 40”

  1. Djed Moros Chief Barista of the Finely Grounded Guild says:

    Luckily, I didn’t write as many comments as there are episodes. Lucky me!

    The lower thirds are genius. “Average miner” & “whistleblower” are my favorites. Though I think it’s time for some good old fashioned loanwording to bring us all the joy of titles such as “Gemeiner Miner”. I mean, this German adjective is simply a must-have for all comic authors! Think of all the possibilities!

    Also, as a representative of the Finely Grounded Guild, I think that it’s about time for new safety regulations for council members. To minimize risk of further infiltration, I propose that all future council members should at least once be ground very finely, so that their every structural elements can be thoroughly analyzed by specialists. My calculations show that this method eradicates all chances of unwanted DUF elements in our political affairs.
    Ain’t that sumthin’, huh?

  2. “Guild of Fuckers” nice one guys^^

    Congrats to the 300th…looking forward to the next 300

    @Djed Moros: Some of the grounded structural elements shall go to the Jawsmithery Forge just to be sure^^

  3. Djed Moros Chief Barista of the Finely Grounded Guild says:

    @Andrej Zathoth: Deal.

  4. Bison says:

    Just nice. Straight A!!!

  5. Bison says:

    read it over and over again, sweet 😉

  6. Bison says:

    incredibly good! Bison Style! Like

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