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8 Responses to “Chapter 9 // Episode 27”

  1. Jussuf says:

    Jow fantastique work guys ! This story is going places =) keep it up !

  2. Der Lukas says:

    I would gladly give myself over to poverty if I could get my hands on a lamp like this. Seriously, why is THE INTERNET not selling those?

  3. Djed Moros says:

    The bloodshot eyes are a nice touch. Figures Baruch’s bloodshotting personality.

  4. “FUUUUUCK!” *rofl*…the only reasonable comment at this special moment^^

    I love how my Glorious Guild Leader always finds the right words…he proves with his whole being that he is truly the grandmaster of Jawsmithery…btw everyone can join every guild as he pleases and countless numbers of them…so join the Jawsmithery Guild, the Guild of Applied Enlightenment and the Guild of 999 (if only to change it´s name to the Guild of the 1000s)

    and now for something completely different…

    *sniff* My humble self is deeply honored…first becoming the Prime Custodian of the Forge, then having the honor of the 500th comment and now mentioned by name on TOF…what more can a humble follower of the Drunk Trio expect…thanks guys…next round on me

  5. Kapam says:

    Yes! We here at the Tale of Fiction Headquarters like rounds VERY much.

    And you’re welcome.
    And thanks for reading.
    And stuff.
    I’m not good at this.

  6. @Kapam: If you and Lixus weren´t good at what you´re doing 9 awesome chapters of our favourite trio not to mention 500 commentary posts and countless followers hadn´t been possible…plain and simple^^

  7. Kapam says:

    Oh, no worries. We’re awesome at what we’re doing!
    What I meant was the whole appreciation business regarding your comment. Which… we of course DO appreciate.

  8. @Kapam: Got it the first time you posted it…and for someone who´s not good at the “whole appreciation business” you do it quite well^^


    is there even the slightest chance of ever seeing The Bison and his Boar Boys again…or is it hopelessly infiltrated by the DUF forever?;}

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