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3 Responses to “Chapter 9 // Episode 23”

  1. Djed Moros says:

    The Guru says: Don’t believe the lies. There is absolutely no way for a coffea arabica to shift into anything even remotely resembling a canephora. Simply. Not. Possible. Taste the difference.

  2. Der Lukas says:

    Didn’t I say it? Didn’t I say it again and again? There’s a conspiracy going on with those Boar Boy-Bisons!
    The page is down for several months now, right after a certain drunkard-writer pointed out the political implications of the strips!!? ( http://www.taleoffiction.com/dragbook/browser/im-not-fiction/3-accept-thy-inner-bison/ )
    This is no coincidence!
    Don’t visit the Bison & the Boar Boys-Page again!! The DUF is going to track your I.P. FOR SURE!!!

  3. I KNEW IT!!!

    Even the DUF can´t suppress the Enlightenment brought by the BISON for long!


    All Hail to our glorious new Guild and it´s Supreme Master of Jawsmithery

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