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3 Responses to “Chapter 7 // Episode 28”

  1. Andrej Zathoth says:


    All we need…

    A dragon-slaying King, jibber-jabber from the Church of XII, a Freemon Lady (did she have blue eyes?), a Sky Bison(Appa…still want one…and some Sky Boar Boys), Edmondson, lame wrestling (was that an CBWL belt back at Toshi´s?), a nice cameo of our B. and the Boys, A Fine Piece Of Technology, Avior Porn (classic*rofl*) and an update for our guys ´bout the Cull Haven attack…

    Really can´t wait till Monday when the next Ep hits…Keep on Guys…

  2. feri says:

    omg! you guys still keep excelling yourself! another episode to call “one of my favorites”!

  3. Olli says:

    nerd talk aka the keepers of the pale. awesome

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