Sorry for the long break, folks. At first, all went according to plan, but then Kili got a bad cold and could do nothing but play video games for one and a half weeks. (poor guy!) But now we’re back!

Also, there’s an announcement and it’s kinda awkward:

After a full year of regularly hitting the “Pause billing cycle” button, we’ve got to admit (to ourselves and you) that this patreon thing (in its current form) isn’t working out the way we expected it to.

Doing Other Tales Episodes regularly has proven to be more challenging than first anticipated. We somehow managed to hustle through the first year but got to the point where we realized that we couldn’t keep the schedule of the regular episodes if we kept it up. ¬†And although the year of Other Tales was a frakking blast, our main focus is on continuing/finishing the main storyline by doing regular episodes. (which isn’t easy by itself — life, y’know?!)

And thus, with a heavy heart, we officially discontinue the Other Tales Episodes. Hopefully, we’ll return to them in one form or another down the road. (Yes, we still have big ideas!)

And while we’re at it… The Bison and the Boar Boys stretch-goal (the weekly episodes) is going to be discontinued for the time being, as well. Doing this kind of thing on a weekly basis is time and energy-consuming stuff. So here’s a big frakking thanks to Kili’s storebror Lukas, who was the driving force, creative engine, and diligent crafter behind the last two years of BBB content! None of it could and would have happened without him!

What does that mean for you?

  • Firstly, don’t be sad!
  • If you’re a Random Rebel or a Marvelous Magique Worker nothing changes! We’ll return to uploading background images and the rough layouts of future episodes like we used to.
  • If you’re a Secret Circle Confidant or Royal advisor and were there for the Other Tales you can downgrade your tier to a lower grade. We’ll leave our billing cycle paused until February, so you have some time for that.
  • If you’re a Secret Circle Confidant or Royal advisor and didn’t really care for the Other Tales and mostly wanted to support us, you don’t have to change anything, either. We’ll shortly rewrite the tier description to reflect the change.

Whatever you wanna choose, we want to thank you for believing in us and supporting us like you did over the last two years! Thanks to all of you big time!

Oh, and we asked ourselves “What would Sneaky do about the already existing Other Tales Episodes?”. And the answer was pretty obvious… He wouldn’t want them to be locked away, but share them with his friends! (We hope that’s what the Secret Circle Confidant or Royal advisor would do as well) So starting on January 30th, we’ll make them available for all of the lower-ranking tiers as well. How does one Episode on every Tuesday sound?

(Phew… That was hard.)

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