The Map of Fictionaria has been updated with the latest developments! How do you like the new controls?

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6 Responses to “Chapter 64 // Episode 1”

  1. Lukas says:

    Good old Lenny. Loves his “Doobatz” (kids these days!) like the next guy! :))
    Very sensible new laws, I have to concur! Let’s just not be a dick about it!

  2. freakedfollower says:

    Wow, and a new chapter. You have been busy. 🙂
    Sitting on my ass is what I do professionally. I sequence this activity in sessions. It’s not too healthy granted.

    How does he not remember his TV appearance though?

  3. Kapam says:

    They’re the best laws! Why would you ever need any others?

    Oh! Isn’t it obvious, why he doesn’t remember? I guess you’ll find out in next episode. 🙂

    Buuut it’s quite possible, that we’re gonna do a break next week, though. We’ll see!

  4. MCBuhl says:

    @freakedfollower it’s all about sunglasses

  5. freakedfollower says:

    Oh no! I have been fooled, after all these years, no less. 🙂 Thanks for the hints, guys, very subtle, very considerate. …

    Man, he IS mad, now. Very dangerous business, this political takeover. It can go so fast.

    And, it’s just on time for current elections over here. Maybe this can be a model program! 😀

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