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4 Responses to “Chapter 63 // Episode 22”

  1. Lukas says:

    Hmmmmmm what is going on there? Going through all possible tropes… might there be more than 12 Gods/Scapers after all?! At least 17, if 8 is not yet a majority? That would be mindblowing! Give us the next episode!!

  2. MCBuhl says:

    Hm, from what they’re saying, a gathering of all 12 of which the majority say “this” might be needed. As two are already in mindscaper’s heaven and two aren’t available, I’m guessing that the gate won’t open up unless the two guys who are around the white noise can manipulate something maybe.

  3. MC JB says:

    Great theories. My idea was way more pedestrian. Maybe the other 6 people just need to also talk to the White Knights directly? Like Baruch did?

  4. MCBuhl says:

    Ah, MC JB, that’s an interesting theory! Each one has to speak out load, so far only two of twelve have spoken and that’s clearly no majority…

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