UPDATE 11th August: Still alive. Still working on the episode… 

UPDATE 3rd August: The good news is, that we’re still alive and actively working on the next episode. The bad news is, that it’s not finished regardles of that. Just… Hang in there!

UPDATE 28th July: So, yeah, that didn’t work out very well… Sorry! We’ll try again for next week. 

UPDATE 14th July: AGAIN?! Yes, again! So sorry, folks, but there won’t be a new episode today. Or next week. It sucks, we know. But it’s summer, so, y’know… It’s always a tough time. But we will (hopefuly) be back the week after that, which will be July 28th! That sounds good… right? RIGHT?!

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2 Responses to “Chapter 63 // Episode 19”

  1. MCBuhl says:

    Nice workaround, Mr. Coliboeuf, Sir.

  2. freakedfollower says:

    Some people say, we’re invincible. – We’re vincible! We’re vincible. Get some sunshine, guys.

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