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6 Responses to “Chapter 63 // Episode 16”

  1. freakedfollower says:

    ok . . .
    I saw the first and third twist coming, but the rest of them…
    How would he know that – whaaaat?!?

  2. Lukas says:

    I saw NOTHING coming… And now I’m like, you know, tripple whaaaat?!?

  3. Kapam says:

    How would Johnson know that he’s the warden, you mean? According to these two fellows he “knows about all of it”. But why? That’s a very good question! And it will be answered sooner or later!

    Maybe we’ve been a bit subtle about it, but the process of Colibeuf turning basically started when he and Sync got the shit-house treatment after they captured Team Sneaky, and was greatly accelerated when they uncovered the truth about Trish’s deathand about what she found out.

    From there on out, well… they’ve been working on whatever they came up with at the end of that episode.

  4. MC JB says:

    What an episode! Yes, we knew all these things at some point, but I had mostly forgotten and I didn’t expect Colibeuf to desert. And then that reveal with the Johnson, crazy!

    Let’s drink to Colibeuf tonight. A constant pain in the ass, but he did the right thing in the end and paid for it with his life 🙁

    And thanks for the summary and all the links Kapam, much appreciated.

  5. Felix Jongleur says:

    Wait, were we supposed to be surprised about Colibeuf turning? His DUF file even mentions his strong morals. It was clear what side he would pick.

    The whole Warden business surprised me, though. I guess I did not keep up perfectly.

  6. Lixus says:

    Oh, everyone can an should be surprised by whatever they choose, no right or wrong here… 😛 And of course we don’t expect everyone to remember every detail perfectly in over ten years and hundrets of characters that are Tale of Fiction!

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