Oh no, what happened there?!

The sixth “Other Tales” episode is finished, online and ready to be read on our patreon site!*

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4 Responses to “Chapter 60 // Episode 6”

  1. ObsMan says:

    What. The. ACTUAL. Fuck.

  2. MCBuhl says:

    Well, Alfred Edmondson and his plans… When he says he “studied $person”, be aware that this isn’t exactly his field of expertise.
    And remember the 360°discussion?

  3. freakedfollower says:

    What about it?
    So, mh, killed off the king …, again, and Ed. 🙁
    I mean, I love how this is totally unexpected, but, uh, that’s about the only good thing about it.
    Also, the Old One can just make people sleep…
    Incidentally, that’s also the best plan now, just let them sleep for five days.

    Ok, tactical meeting: Two more gods are down. That makes it what, 5:4? Is that still enough or do you need to have an overall majority?

    So what is actually going on???
    All present were surprised. The lawmaker may have expected it, or not.
    All non-gods attacked apart from the artist, the Old One, and the high priest (who are all kind of in their own league).
    It could be that the beyonder system itself is triggering a failsafe or an endgame where the gods have to survive a population onslaught.
    Or the Proxus found a way to pull them out.

    Or, it’s got to do with those specific four attackers. If it has to do with the lawmaker, notice that they were all captives on the ship, and he just let them go. Or did he? To this purpose? He managed to make Sneaky stop mid-attack with some high-level magique, which could work the other way round, too. It could be a switch, but how would he know about their plan and to set a trigger correctly? The timing could be arbitrary.
    Or something in the artist’s magique may have triggered it. Maybe a call to attack?

    Or it could be the next grinner trick. Mind posession is his thing. And the colors are kind of matching.

    and what about the five days to kill? How does this take-over plan even work? They just activate and wait or call for reinforcements? That’s probably the weirdest of it all. Or they wait for mayhem to erupt and then amidst the struggle, they storm the cradle. Except somehow they managed to have themselves hypnotised. Though the ones chosen as enemies do not make any sense, I mean Ed and Gidders should not be on anybody’s radar. And why the specific five days. …

    so many questions…

  4. freakedfollower says:

    After rereading the last pages, one might assume that everything is compromised. Tough luck.

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