A new contender is in town!  And he doesn’t really need any introductions, does he? Alfred Edmondson’s tale will take us back in time to when he was still alive, and had some minor troubles with a certain… “client” who issued a very certain… “request”.

This voting will stay active for two weeks, until July 13th. We’ll then announce the winner start producing the episode. As time told us, we probably won’t get it done in time for the next voting, which will be two weeks later, on July 27th.

You need to be tier “Secret Circle Confidant” or higher to read the episode, and “Royal advisor” or higher to participate in the voting.

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2 Responses to “Chapter 59 // Episode 2”

  1. freakedfollower says:



  2. SchallundRauch says:

    A kingdom for admin access.

    I guess he cannot even call the other mindscapers.

    He looks somewhat like Sneaky.

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