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Music composed, recorded and mixed by Felix.

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7 Responses to “Chapter 58 // Episode 6”

  1. Phil says:





  2. Klemmschwester says:

    Heilige Scheiße, bin ich geflasht

  3. MC JB says:

    Wow, you guys, just wow! The amount of creativity, care, and effort you put into this! Nuts!

  4. Kerwas says:

    hmm guess the Trumpeteer will force the Author of this story to do a better job i guess? ^^

  5. MCBuhl says:

    No shit Sherlock. I’m like “just wow”

    After having read the comments in my RSS-feed, I was reluctant opening the new episode: those comments are so enthusiastic – I was scared to be disappointed. No reason, absofrakkinlutely superbest.

  6. SchallundRauch says:

    That one was awesome. I think that one was the most multimedia episode yet.

    Lore question: What are the six types of magique?

  7. MCBuhl says:

    Remember when The Old One explained that his Magapparatus is the 7th way to access the magiqual fabric that runs fictionaria?

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