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8 Responses to “Chapter 56 // Episode 8”

  1. freakedfollower says:

    Thanks for tagging, guys. I clicked on show ‘all tags’ and it dropped a precise list of this episode’s cast. :-))

  2. MCBuhl says:

    Koudlam, the magician, that’s what I’m saying… I’m frakking betting.

  3. MCBuhl says:

    Nice 2 see how everybody appreciates 2 meet da krew… However, some sort o’stardom uncalled 4, ain’t it? But I really like da natural way of handlin’ that sort o stuff as Claire’n’Sneaky r doin’it. A good match they r!

  4. MC JB says:

    You guys! The level of detail in the recent episodes is just crazy! All the posters in the background. All the people and monsters in the background, they all look different and do interesting things. And is that Roxy sitting at that one table in the background? And the small yellow fellas on the left when Vlad is speaking to the table: Are these from the same gang that once beat up Harper during Team Sneaky’s first time in Catherineborough?

  5. MC JB says:

    Honestly, this is my favourite web comic, and I have read a few. I like it better than e.g. Order of the Stick. I really feel that ToF deserves to be more famous. Maybe you guys should put some more effort into advertising it? Might make sense given the tremendous effort you put into creating it…

  6. MC JB says:

    Finally: could we get some “do you remember?” for this episode? Not even I remember how Sneaky convinced these DUF troupers (although the guy with the moustache feels familiar).

  7. Kapam says:

    Thanks for the HIGH praise everyone! We do appreciate it, seriously! 🙂

    And yeah, the amount of hours poured into the mansion Episodes is OBSCENE. That’s what we get for carelessly writing “Heroes hang out at the GoRR Headquarters — everyone is there” into the script… But we think it was worth it! 😛

    Advertising all of this? Yeah, uh, we ARE kind of working on something like that, and will hopefully have some good news by the end of the year. 😉

    And finally regarding the DUF troopers:
    Said interaction actually happened off-panel, so there aren’t any scenes to remember. But here are the episodes in which they did show up:

  8. MC JB says:

    Yes, the small yellow guys are definitely Furkins! Harper better watch out!

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