In other news: The first Royal Advisor Voting over on patreon concluded yesterday! (sorry, freakedfollower, next time! 😉 ) Want the details? Click the image below!

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3 Responses to “Chapter 56 // Episode 24”

  1. freakedfollower says:

    what the frakk, guys! You have gone out of your minds, completely. first the Patreon. with a ridiculous amount of care and love, and then some. On top of the ridiculous amount for the comic. I almost procrastinated too long to sign up, sorry. Did it though. But actually procrastinated just long enough to be late to decide the current vote. And it would have been decisive!! Had I been able to make up my mind, that is. Hilarious result. A shoutout to fellow patrons here. Then B&B are back. Then, the last episode was explicitly about my life! How’d you know this?? I’m feeling totally wasted now. Coincidentally, that happens in fictionaria, today. Also, Mr. V is not the P, is he? Maybe he used his changing hands on two other people. I couldn’t explain events any other way.

  2. freakedfollower says:

    ok, and Baruch talks thruth. We love these episodes, you know. Many sleepless nights over. But he went in over his head this time, as well. craaazy! kudos. … Seriously, take good care of yourselves guys.

  3. Der Lukas says:

    Yeah…! We definitely needed that “Bison Style!” back!

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