The first voting for the first “Other Tales” episode takes place right now, over on patreon.

The voting will stay active for two weeks, until February 10th. We’ll then announce the winner start producing the episode. We’ll try to get it done in time for the next voting, which will be two weeks later, on February 24th.

You need to be tier “Secret Circle Confidant” or higher to read the episode, and “Royal advisor” or higher to participate in the voting.

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One Response to “Chapter 56 // Episode 22”

  1. Lukas says:

    This voting thing is sure excitig! Very hard, too, as both Vladimir and Maurice are very dear to my heart. I wonder, however, if you didn’t twitch the odds in the former’s favours by reminding the readers of the wonderful tricks he does with his hands this very episode. Maybe that was a ‘changing hand’ thingy, too?! Don’t let yourselves be played as fools, fellow voters, unless of course it is your only wish!!

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