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8 Responses to “Chapter 55 // Episode 8”

  1. Der Lukas says:

    The epicness of this is getting insane right now…! What is everyone up to here!?

  2. Der Andere says:

    i like this koudlam guy, he has a good perspective on life, and work in general

  3. MC JB says:

    So exciting!

  4. MC JB says:


    I have a theory about the Twelve, the Mindsccapers, the Lawmaker, and some part of Sneaky’s background story. But I have no clue how some other elements, like the White Noise, the Machine, or Rayland fit in. I’ll post my theory here now. It would be cool to discuss it.


    My theory about the Mindscapers, the Twelve, and Sneaky:
    Fictionaria is a simulation. This simulation was created by 12 people, who call themselves the Mindscapers. The people of Finctionaria call them the twelve gods.

    One of them is pissed that the simulation has a king. That persons goes into the simulation, “heeding protocol”, which probably means something like they get transferred into some random person, or get born into the simulation as a baby. Anyway, that person probably takes his hate of the king with them into the simulation, and becomes the lawmaker. While in the outside world, this person probably also says “This is not why we implemented the machine!”, and the lawmaker is also obsessed with opening the machine, so it makes sense.

    That person takes “Fiction” with them, which is this glowing stick in the outer world, and Sneaky in Fictionaria. This squares with several things: The comic being names Tale of Fiction, and Sneaky being something special but not a god (“something else entirely”). (The White noise says that Sneaky was “brought by the one who came in secret”. That also fits)

    When this mindscaper goes into the simulation, another mindscaper has the concern “What if the protocol fails? If he gets the big picture again?”. I think this means something like “What if the lawmaker remembers that it’s all a simulation”. And indeed, this seems to have happened in the comic, with the lawmaker obsessing about the Machine and all.

    Shortly after, the Mindscaper names “Junior” goes into the simulation to guard Fictionary. But they are “breaking protocol”. My guess is that this maybe means that they are able to be transferred to a already existing person in the simulation, and they take the king.

    A bit later, the remaining 10 Mindscaper go in. This would explain why the other gods are probably a bit younger than the Lawmaker, Sneaky, or the King. And all the gods we have met so far don’t like the Lawmaker, which also squares with that first Mindscaper kind of betraying the other 11 (assuming that Mindscaper port their goals or emotions into the simulation).

    I guess these Mindscapers have already created many worlds. If they do so, they mostly delete the old world. That is called “skipping a threshold”. Sometimes they don’t fully delete an old, so some parts of the old world remain. For example Rose, the tentacle monster from the depths.

  5. MC JB says:

    I have no idea how the White noise, Rayland, and the Machine fit in here. So I just wrote down everything we know about those.

    White noise:
    Wants Sneaky to remember why he and the lawmaker set out to open the machine
    Is also involved with the Mindscapers somehow
    Talks to Rayland
    Calls Sneaky Behemoth
    Says Sneaky is child of the XII
    Talks to the High Priest regularly
    Gives the White Fungoid Creature to Sneaky, which later resurrects Sneaky
    Says that Sneaky’s death by headshot is “the inevitable”
    Says Sneaky’s tale within the tale has not been told, that Sneaky has some kind of destiny
    Is also present at the crazy drug-fest with the King on the Tower
    Has some connection to Sync, or to the Magique testing apparatus of the DUF
    Says that Sneaky is the key
    Says that the threshold is near
    Says that the second law needs to be unwound
    Brought Alfred Edmundson back to life

    Comes from a different plane
    Talks to the White noise
    Has an oath to protect Sneaky, whom he calls Beast
    The High Priest can hear his thoughts

    What is the machine?
    There’s a Machine up north, that the lawmaker really wanted to open badly, and he thought Sneaky could do it
    Lawmaker says Sneaky “was the key”

  6. Lixus says:

    Dear MC JB, thank you so much for this, you can’t possibly know how much your theorizing means to us <3

    Obviously, we won't confirm or deny anything right now, but please, don't stop! 🙂

    I just added a shortcode for posting possible spoilers in the comments in the future, if anyone wants to use it. It's as simple as this: [spoiler]Spoiler Text goes here[/spoiler]

  7. MCBuhl says:

    Ah, here is the Spoiler thingy used in comments in later episodes. Ok. But I question it’s necessarity: what JB writes down is more or less what we have seen in past episodes plus some good old guessing. Same goes for specultating whom of the characters is one of the twelve. And as long as noone is posting in Ch1E1 what he knows because she has read all along up to Ch55E8…
    I mean, c’mon, you wanted us so badly to comment and speculate 😁

    What I’m missing isn’t a spoiler-tag, but some notification on new comments or a dedicated page with all the comments or some other means to stay tuned. I mean, wouldn’t it be nice if someone just starts reading and comments something in a past episode that some other random person gives signalage of live on tof-planet?

    We ain’t exactly a community, but this tale kind of ties us together, so there’s something in this story that keeps our interest alive. Kinda something that readers have in common.

  8. Lixus says:

    Yeah, you’re right about that spoiler thing, it’s not really necessary – still nice to have, for us as well 🙂

    About that “getting notified of new comments” – i should be able to include a button to subscribe to an episode’s comments. I don’t know if there is a way to subscribe to all or if we can include a page with all the comments… Anyways, i will see what i can do. Very good idea! 🙂

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