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7 Responses to “Chapter 55 // Episode 3”

  1. freakedfollower says:

    Yes! I knew it! Revelations!

  2. Der Lukas says:

    And now all those tons and tons of conversations over all those years are finally making sense all at once!!!

  3. Der Lukas says:

    P.S.: I would really love to have a “Do you Remember when…”-box with links to all the talk that foreshadowed this particular pattern…! 😉

  4. Kapam says:

    We thought about that, too!
    But it would be a loooooong list (or rather wall?) of “Do you Remember”-boxes… Going all the way back to Chapter 3! And honestly? Neither Felix or me can remember every single instance… (it’s been ten years!)
    But you guys can totally take this as a reason for a re-read and let us know what you find out! 😀

  5. MC JB says:

    I completely missed all the foreshadowing. Can we at least get some “Do you remember”-boxes? Or can somebody post a few links?

  6. Kapam says:

    Sorry, MCJB, there won’t be any remember boxes. But here are two links for you:
    Not sure if this could be considered a spoiler, (I mean, these instances are like four years old!) but don’t click on it if you don’t want to know who’s 100% definitely not a god.
    (it’s pretty obvious, actually 😉 )

  7. MC JB says:

    Amazing, thanks!

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