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9 Responses to “Chapter 55 // Episode 11”

  1. MCBuhl says:

    So JJ Jr. is one of the XII after all, too?

  2. MCBuhl says:

    So we know at least VIII of the XII, of which II wouldn’t take part in taking back Kings Cradle, I is in prison and we know nothing about ED. So IV of the XII are effectively on the side of the FFF. That’s not a YTIROJAM…

  3. MC JB says:

    Wow, I love it. So neat how you worked in the pictures of Sneaky’s earlier memories.

  4. MC JB says:

    I think we know at least one more god, possibly several. Spoiler alert πŸ™‚

    Maybe this has been said before, but I think the Trumpeteer is the Magician. A powerful magique worker, captured by the DUF, but still able to work his magique even while being shackled. That’s like exactly him. And, he also knows about the Mindscapers.

    Koudlam also knows the whole story of Fictonaria, so maybe he’s a god as well. Same goes for the grinner. But I’m less sure there which gods they could be.

  5. MCBuhl says:

    I don’t know how this spoiler stuff works (but it’s neat πŸ˜‰
    However, do you really think it’s necessary?

    For “Trump” I’m not sure whether he is the Magician. Didn’t he say something about the XII and that he was present before? So he’s rather kinda “has been there before” character like Rose, as they say themselves: “from tales long gone”.

    About the Grinner, “Trump” says that he is “an evil older than this very land we stand on”. Plus the lightship guild frakkers multiplied his body and kinda control him.

    But Koudlam is interesting. Maybe he is the magician?

  6. Djed Moros - Chief Barista of the Finely Ground Guild says:

    Totally not GΓΆtz.

    Totally not Erlangen.

    Totally not enough coffee.

  7. freakedfollower says:

    Whaaat! The flashback painting style is once again awesome! Just drop the backstory like it’s hot. Three revelations in one episode, again?! JJ, and the Lawmaker does not seem to know it yet … uh oh.

  8. MCBuhl says:

    Apparently not. He believes in conspiracy theories πŸ™‚

  9. MCBuhl says:

    I just re read the episodes after the wasailing. So the Fallen is associated with two gods, the magician which he is holding captured and the warden who protects the fallen and his captive.
    Is JJ Jr. the Warden?

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