Aaaaand that concludes chapter 52! Not too early we hope, dear freakedfollower?

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One Response to “Chapter 52 // Episode 7”

  1. freakedfollower says:

    You know, we love you guys, and I do feel gifted^^, …but seriously, this was the most breakneck chapter ever with revelation after revelation, twist after twist. I was not humbled, but shocked how you delivered on this cheeky request within just 1 panel, and kept on going from there. My jaw is still aching from all the dropping. It was also the most brutal chapter yet. So, other readers may disagree, but for my part you can go on holidays now for a month at least,… I will need to meditate to come to terms with what happened and get the excitement level back down to normal (or get a therapist to help me cope). :-O

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