Permanent paradigm shift!! One new Episode per week!!

Fine. We’re finally able to admit it: Summertime’s over. There’s no denying it anymore. There’s also no denying that writing/drawing/coloring/special effecting/lettering the episodes is getting insanely timeconsuming – now that we’re getting somewhere in the story. The times of recycling old drawings are over. (And the backgrounds… those darn backgrounds…)

And so it’s also time to (grudgingly) admit, that we just can’t return to the two-episode schedule… If we, like, wanna have a life beside this thing. Which we kinda do. So… Our deepest apologies, but we’ll stay with this rhythm indefinitely and continue to bring you new episodes every Thursday. And we hope that despite all this, you’ll still be there to read them!

Oh, and did anyone notice? We’ve been doing this shit for 9 years now. That’s kinda whack, if you think about it…

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3 Responses to “Chapter 47 // Episode 8”

  1. NTG says:

    I appreciate honest. So i’m okay with this.

    and that you do this one comic per week shit since ever is well known.
    That you finally admit it and get clear is the good par here.

  2. Just a random dude here, I want to say that I have followed this comic since you started and it is soo good. The art was a bit shaky in the start but the story was good so I stuck with you. And the art got better and better and now all is just great. I’m grateful that you keep doing this and I wish you all the best. And if you stop, I completely understand (but cry a little tear) and I’ll remember you fondly for the good stories you brought me over the years.


  3. Lixus says:

    Hey there, thank you! It really means a lot to us hearing from our long time followers 🙂
    Fear not, we won’t stop (if we can possibly avoid it) until the story is finished!

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