Sooo… and with this classical cliffhanger we wish you gals and guys… Happy Holidays!

As we are in an especially kindhearted and generous mood these days, we decided to do a break of only two weeks! Woohoo! But, uhm, full disclosure, we’ll stay on the one-episode-per-week-rhythm for now.  Let’s just, uhm, talk about that some other time? Right?

But don’t despair! This chapter is going to be an epic one! Just take another look at that last panel! Look at it! Ain’t that going to be one hell of a shitshow right there? What the frakking hell will happen in that cave?

So! Have some good holidays with friends and family, and drink one (more) for us. We will do the same for everyone of you! Uhm…
Just send us the details for logistics.

Kili & Felix

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2 Responses to “Chapter 47 // Episode 6”

  1. SchallundRauch says:

    Five Special Agents, four trainee mages and Sync? Looks like they brought only named characters?

    I totally emphasize with Nitz. a big smile is the appropriate expression.

  2. MC JB says:

    How the hell are Nitz and Rage still alive?

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