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3 Responses to “Chapter 47 // Episode 2”

  1. MC JB says:

    Are you guys… still recovering from the festival seasons? Must have been pretty epic this year 🙂

  2. Johannes says:

    Summertiiiiiiiiiiiiime – And the livin’ is easy…

  3. Kapam says:

    Yes, yes, we get it. Summer-time is done. Festival-season is done. So why are we only putting up one episode then?
    “Get your lazy asses in gear and GET BACK TO TWO EPISODES PER WEEK!” you might say.
    “Valid point!” we might reply.
    But as the story progresses and we shift locations (almost) every episode now, these episodes get ever more elaborate and (frankly) ridiculously time-consuming. So, right now, despite it being definitely fall-time, we’re sticking with the one-episode-per-week-schedule…
    Stay tuned for some “official” announcement!

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