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3 Responses to “Chapter 47 // Episode 12”

  1. freakedfollower says:


  2. Lukas Wilde says:

    Hooray for Claire being back…!
    Hooray for Room being Room…!

  3. MC JB says:

    Hahahahahaha, this episode definitely wins the award for “Laziest story-telling” in the 10 year-long history of tof (when is the big anniversary, by the way?).

    In the middle of a heated battle Room discovers that Claire is with the DUF and he just shot here in the face, and instead of simply being completely bamboozled, he gives a panel full of very coherent and well-summarized background exposition…. As if simply him knowing her name wouldn’t have been enough…

    Apart from this minor nitpick: The story has really been moving forward with big steps lately. And I really enjoy the high-quality action 🙂

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