Temporary paradigm shift!! Only one new Episode per week!!

With summer’s recreational activities looming large and cluttering our weekends (and some weekdays — I’m looking at you 5-day-festivals!) we’d normally take a break, (filled with intense intermissions) and return with regular episodes once we’ve settled back in our regular, boring lives. But this time we decided to do something different! Since we love creating Tale of Fiction, and being silly while doing it, we decided to not take a break — well, not really — but change our update-schedule from two times a week, to only one time — on Thursdays! This’ll keep the story going (even if veeeeery slow) and you’ll have something new to read once a week. It’s not perfect, but, well, we do our best! But don’t worry, this is only temporary! We’ll return to our regular schedule once all this summery madness is said and done!


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2 Responses to “Chapter 43 // Episode 8”

  1. mcjb says:

    Of all the team,he had to pick Sneaky… Champion of Full Haven’s Church of Pain and Catharinenburgh’s Wrestling league…

  2. MCBuhl says:

    Lurker says: once per week – good deal.

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