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8 Responses to “Chapter 3 // Episode 44”

  1. Harper says:

    And I still don’t get why Room is blaming me of all people.
    It’s not as if I put the hacked DUF data on his harddrive.
    Which goes for his gigs of porn as well, btw.

  2. Room says:

    Yeah, right. And it’s not as if the DUF hadn’t been there in the first place, if you hadn’t killed some random security guard…
    Seriously, guys.

  3. Sneaky says:

    I’m not going to apologize again. It was an honest mistake.

  4. Lukas says:

    I don’t know what to say to you guys.
    I’m not even part of the narration.
    “things have a way of working themselves out”?

  5. Room says:

    Just count yourself lucky that you’re not part of that narration! #*&%ยง#

  6. Der Lukas says:

    You bet I am counting! Great to parttake from a certain distance, though, it’s not like I’m completely uninvolved.
    I’m not sure you’ll remember this, Room, but one day you’ll have a half-recollection of a voice telling you ‘things have a way of working themselves out’.
    You just watch!

  7. Room says:

    I WISH I could just watch… Instead I have to run around and sweat and get all worked up and stuff.
    And DON’T say “In a few years we will look back on this and laugh”.

  8. Feri says:

    hehe… you’re funny

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