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2 Responses to “Chapter 25 // Episode 40”

  1. Willi says:

    Latten Jupp?

    Must be a terrible look for everybody without the background and for some even with the Background.

  2. freakedfollower says:

    I love this episode.

    I have a friend named Konrad; his nick name is ‘rad’.

    It would have been disrespectful to mix ancient and new rituals and nail him to a fir tree. Balancing swings is a much more dignified and just take.

    You know that you are bored when you start searching for “how to start your own religion” and then actually read through all the recommended steps and then think about how to improve them. People have some really weird plans, but I like to take the best bits and jumble them together like pasta sauce: “10. Design anachronistic clothes that look funny, but can get people out of boredom.” and “TWO SURE WAYS TO START A RELIGION: You can do it accidentally or intentionally. 1) THE ACCIDENTAL RELIGION: Invade a less advanced culture. … 2) THE INTENTIONAL RELIGION: Start with a narcissistic personality disorder …” Once you have an idea, no matter what, sell it using marketing and propaganda: “Convert, convert, convert. Because if they aren’t with us then they are with them!” My current favorite self-made guru: KumarĂ©.

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