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One Response to “Chapter 25 // Episode 37”

  1. Phil says:

    Oh man, you guys gotta have so much frakking fun coming up with this awesome shit and drawing it! 😀 Leo would be proud! (Well, maybe. I don’t know. But apparently he was rather progressive for his time, artistically, of course, but also sexually. In his earlier years. That’s what I heard, anyways. You never know with this kind of stuff, maybe it’s like someone doesn’t like the guy for some reason and starts saying things, or maybe he really did like to live it out ev’ry now and then, but it’s a bit too soon for that, historywise. You know how it is. Apparently he disappeared for a couple of years after that, probably to let the dust settle and so forth. Anyways. Oh yeah, and also, he was said to throw some motherfrakkin’ mean parties. And I mean, not just your average “let’s-hit-all-the-hippest-clubs-in-town-and-party-through-the-weekend” kind of party, but like really hardcore off-the-hook renaissance shit costume raves. But that was later, when he had more cred going for him. But yeah, I guess he definitely would’ve liked this crazy shit that’s going on here! Oh, and telling from the look on her face (albeit a bit out of focus), Mona (another drop-in I gather?) approves as well…)

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