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11 Responses to “Chapter 25 // Episode 28”

  1. der andere Stephan says:

    woooahhh ! Nice! Dimension shifting! ab…ge…fahrn!

  2. Klemmschwester says:

    Wow, what a amazing mind-blowing episode! Made my day! Never seen something like that before, this is just so great!

  3. Phil says:

    Hot damn, that was awesome!

  4. Djed Moros - Chief Barista of the Finely Ground Guild says:

    This looks absolutely amazing if you just scroll through. Next level shit.

  5. NTG says:

    WTH!! Great trick you using here…i totally didn’t expect THAT! Yeah Demission shifting very accurate captured…for a Comic

  6. MC JB says:

    Holy fuck! I was about to complain about the recent intermission episodes, but THAT was worth the wait!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. freakedfollower says:

    Freaking A-MAZING!

  8. Yohannon says:

    (claps the slow clap of deep appreciation)

    That was the first time I’ve seen an interactive element of ANY web cartoon work that well. Fun? Sure. Surprising? Usually.

    But SMOOTH, and as serious way to advance the narrative? Nothing like this.


  9. Aguy says:

    I have never seen something like this before in a webcomic and I read quite a few.

    This was extraordinarily well crafted. Well done guys

  10. SpiritKamikaze24 says:

    Soooo… Harper’s in the Avatar-State now?

  11. KO says:

    I feel like I’m tripping balls, but I haven’t taken anything. Whooooaaaaaa…

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