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4 Responses to “Chapter 25 // Episode 19”

  1. SchallundRauch says:

    Yay, the story moves on.

  2. Der Lukas says:

    The Master Globers, yaaaay….! And: yay in general, of course! 😉

  3. SchallundRauch says:

    Every update that is in color (or in purple for that matter) is a good update.
    But now I have to write something constructive to avoid making this post spam…
    So I just speculate that the magique-testing machine the DUF has, works on the basis of Edmonsons white noise magic theory. (Those were the updates, where I was happy with black and white comics^^)

  4. nroejb says:

    I’m kinda disappointed in him that he only counted the three guys and ignored the Woman and the mind contoling monster bug.

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