5 Responses to “Chapter 24 // Opening”

  1. Der Lukas says:

    Ah, nice…. Might that just be the dome from the other side….?

  2. Schroedinger´s Box says:

    Probably, but which town is it? I am guessing Lawport, but I have no idea.

  3. Der Lukas says:

    Uhm, okay…? I would have guessed its Gaining? What we have seen, like just now, from the outside? Yet another dome would be crazy!!!!

  4. Schroedinger´s Box says:

    Master Mouth mentioned an “other dome” at the finale of chapter 23. So there is another one active. The first is Gaining, but that one is down, if everything is in chronological order.

    Lawport is just a guess. It is the nearest town at the map. No idea, what places the Grinner-Projectiles could reach. I think they were fired by the fortress? Well, now I have to read that again. La Linea could reach the mainland, but I don´t think it was mentioned which places of it.
    The Grinners could also be shot by a battleship but I don´t think we have any information about those.

    To the crazy point: A dome at the Cradle would be the craziest: Grinner Knights? All the mages of the DUF fighting them? Sadly the Cradle is probably too important to be shot as part of a warning.

    Well, wait and see. I have written everything I could think of.

  5. B says:

    Well, the wall could be the one of kings cradle, or?

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