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3 Responses to “Chapter 24 // Episode 6”

  1. Johannes says:

    I’d prefer to be a monster right now…

  2. Phil says:

    ^^ What he said.

  3. freakedfollower says:

    Holy shit! They’re going full-scale now! – And this IS some powerful magique. So many questions… How did they pull off the simultaneous broadcast? Is the grinner really in alliance with the E.A.S. or the holices? What happens with Koudlam, now that the Lawmaker has seen the report from Gaining? Will we see Aldo Nocek and the Lawmaker flex their face muscles at each other ever again? I hope so. 😛 Does Aldo Nocek have a marketing manager/state stylist, who makes sure that the colors Aldo is wearing match perfectly with the E.A.S. flag? … I’ll be busy browsing the stories of all these normal dudes now.

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