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5 Responses to “Chapter 24 // Episode 4”

  1. Schroedinger´s Box says:

    Nitz´ faces are great.
    Another theory: Will we even see a fight between the DUF and the Grinner? The Holices probably do not need any destruction besides the area of the second dome. I think the Grinner has some sort of killswitch or limited energy. Would be a shame if he went out of control (maybe the ritual in Gaining had the purpose to free this Grinner or those in the E.A.S?).

    So unless there is an order from Lawport to get into the dome and stop the ritual that is probably going on inside, I don´t think we will have any action sequences this chapter. I Wish I will be proven wrong.

  2. Kapam says:

    Even though we (obviously) won’t comment on that theory, we totally dig your theorythusiasm! (yes, you heard that word here first!)
    Keep it up and keep it true! 🙂

  3. Schroedinger´s Box says:

    Well, I am sure there are people who do not write/draw this comic and can therefore comment.
    Maybe if I write something obviously wrong,… 🙂

  4. Schroedinger´s Box says:

    Sorry for commenting again, but is that Latin on the screens?

  5. Kapam says:

    No need to apologize! It… well, no… It isn’t. (now at least 😉 )
    It was supposed to be way too small for people to read. It’s fixed now. 🙂

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