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5 Responses to “Chapter 23 // Episode 9”

  1. Lesezeichen says:

    shiiiiiiiiiiiiit. I just binge-read the whole comic after meeting you at the comic festival in munich, and it was AWESOME. After having so much to read, it’s really hard to have to wait for an update. Also, I kind of regret not having the poster…

  2. Lixus says:

    Thanks so much, that really means a lot to us!! How long did it take to read it all? We will have a poster waiting for you next year at the Comic Salon Erlangen 😉

  3. Lesezeichen says:

    12 hours, I suppose? I spent a few hours every other day on this site. But I hope I can turn up at Erlangen, I want that poster on my wall!

  4. Eike says:

    A bit late, but let me tell you: The posters are awesome! I also got mines at Erlangen (and 1 or 2 shots^^) 🙂

  5. der Andere says:

    really like that duckface guy!!!!! 😉

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