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5 Responses to “Chapter 23 // Episode 54”

  1. Der Lukas says:

    Sooooo many angles!!!!

  2. Eike says:

    what a cheap move! so not cool! Go Harper and Sneaky!!!

  3. Lesezeichen says:

    It’s kinda beside topic but there’s something that’s been nagging at me… so you said Coffee Samurai was based off a real person… sooooo… is the Highpriest real? That would be so cool, but he’d also be a bit scary to have as a friend.

  4. Lixus says:

    Well, first of all, offtopic questions are our favorite ones! 🙂

    But it’s not so easy to answer this one! I guess there’s a multitude of real people who inspired the High Priest… And they are not scary.

    Also, before becoming a comic character, the first High Priest we made… It was… well… OK, it was a bong, all right!?

    Do you happen to visit the Comic Salon Erlangen in May? I’ll give you the full story there… 😉

  5. Eike says:

    i highly recommend to go! there will be schnapps and talks and schnapps with great people! if that didnt change… 😀

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