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7 Responses to “Chapter 23 // Episode 27”

  1. MC JB says:

    I personally dont negotiate sich dickcheese, either

  2. der lukas says:

    Seriously? Since when did Harper-episodes become this… dragonballesque? That was your Jester-character goddommit! Nah, for real, I LOVE it!!! 🙂

  3. Djed Moros - Chief Barista of the Finely Ground Guild says:

    It is a nice hat, though.

  4. Eike says:

    Damn right! Thats Badass Harper for you! And he shows signs of being a brain using person. 😀

  5. Schroedinger´s Box says:

    Why is there no “Do you remember?” referring to the strio where Harper said he would use the dark side powers but make light side decisions? It did not last as soon as he got his powers back, did it?

  6. Klemmschwester says:

    Ok, now he has his attention!! That´s so creepy!

  7. Kapam says:

    There’s no “Do you remember…?” because we’re lazy frakkers… and don’t wanna spoil you guys the fun of connecting these things on your own. 😉
    But, yeah… You’re totally right, Schrodinger’s Box! That Harper guy, right…?

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