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5 Responses to “Chapter 18 // Episode 7”

  1. Der Lukas says:

    Rayland has a little plate for himself!!! :)))

  2. jussuf says:

    ohh that is an interesting scheme! =) I like that

    btw where is the “like” button to share it with facebook? I still have the hope to get more people interested in this awesome project!

  3. Kapam says:

    yeah! Get them interested!

    The like button is right below the Flattr button and the Tags. Not for you?

  4. Der Lukas says:

    One big “By the way”:
    Why doesn’t have Rayland – ONE OF THE MOST POPULAR CHARACTERS IN THE ToF-FRANCHISE !!! – his own Tag ???
    This is so discriminating!

  5. Kapam says:

    Thank you for the impulse! We’ll run it through the official channels and will see what we can do.

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