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11 Responses to “Chapter 16 // Episode 5”

  1. MC JB says:

    HAHAHAHAHA… what an interesting turn of events

  2. MC JB says:

    ANd I love how they have an own tag, made me reread some of the old episodes

  3. Kapam says:

    And that’s probably the first time anyone but Felix and me used the tags… Nice! 🙂

  4. SpiritKamikaze says:

    Did the white noise break his brain now? Is it trying to take revenge for killing Sneaky? Why the fuck is the duo here? WHAT IS GOING OONNNNNN!!!

  5. ati says:

    Not true, Kapam (Lukas)! I use those tags all the time to reread some scenes.. i get confused so easily with all the webcomics i read!

  6. Kapam says:

    Uhm… I’m actually Kilian… Like, y’know, the dude drawing this stuff…
    Anyhow! Good to know! 😀
    Carry on!

  7. ati says:

    i’m very sorry.. but i get confused with artists of all those webcomics as well!

  8. Kapam says:

    That’s okay!
    We’re big supporters of confusion in general! 🙂

  9. MC JB says:

    confusion and enlightment, right?

  10. Kapam says:


  11. Confusion…Enlightenment…that calls for the HIGHPRIEST^^

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