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2 Responses to “Chapter 14 // Finale”

  1. Phil says:

    Ok, first of all, I SWEAR I made – or wanted to make – an incredibly funny comment on the last episode concerning – well, you know… acrobatics and stuff. Or something. But apparently I didn’t. Or it got sucked away by… The Evil Internets (TEI) because of its awesomeness. Or something. But I swear it would have blown your fuckin’ minds. Seriously.
    Second of all, if it hadn’t been pointed out to me before (in a – well kind of SUBTLE way), I SWEAR that at least in this episode I finally would have gotten the fucking reference. And yes, the crowd did go wild.
    Third of all – how the actual FUCK am I able to write these grammatical monstrosities in this condition? Conditional fucking II? Go home brain, you’re drunk.
    Fourth of all: sorry to spam your comment section.

  2. Kapam says:

    haha awesome. 🙂
    fifth of all: please do more drunk comments in the future.
    (and give your internet a stern talking to so that it won’t steal comments any more)

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