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  1. MCBuhl says:

    Also ich zähle 13 Katzen…

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  3. […] Grund 1: Weil hinter ToF eine Zusammenarbeit von Zeichner und Web-Programmierer steht und dann SO WAS passier… […]

  4. Kapam says:

    Yeah, I didn’t get that either. 😛
    Well, the number seems right!

  5. Lixus says:

    Haha, i didn’t get that at all! 🙂

  6. Awesome…TOF´s worldwide conquest has finally reached Brazil^^

    Congratulations for that one.

    @Kapam: Maybe my words were forged to much to understand but in my longer post regarding Sidequest 1
    I mentioned 11(two ones standing side by side) and then I found another one therefore the +1 😉

  7. Shawn_get_it_on! says:

    DAYUM! Plain awesomeness!

  8. Kapam says:

    (…but no one found the cats…)

  9. Kapam says:

    @Miguel: I never knew we had readers from Brazil! That’s awesome! 😀

    Well, it seems you guys had as much fun “reading” this episode as we had fun creating it.
    So thanks for the enthusiam, everyone!
    We appreciate it and will continue to give our best!

  10. Miguel says:

    Puta que pariu!
    isso tinha que ir pra revistas jornais…
    acompanho essa webcomic faz tempo e adoro a história, complexidade e dou muitas risadas, mas isso é uma …
    sem palavras.. que Lindo

    I am from Brazil (sorrry for my bad english), I read this webcomic for some time now, and I find amazing how the plot unravels and the history becomes more deep. And every time I read, I never know if there will be Tears or Laughs for me.
    And this .. this trip right here..
    that’s a piece of art!

  11. .esaelp eroM

    !!haeY !syoB raoB eht & nosiB dnuof ev ´I ?stac

    🙂 .seportvT no steg sihT

    …SRUOLOC …ees nac I …hhU


    !timmaddog ,ti no dna sehceeps dna serutcel evig ot tnaw I dna ,yaw eht gnola tamrof cimoC beW eht fo etarebiled tsom eth dna ,desived reve gnippirT fo noitatneserper laidem tseb eht eb thgim sihT

    !!! noisrevnI –
    !!! euqigaM –
    !!! sroloC –
    !!! snogarD –

    ! sretnemmoc txen eht rof erusserp ssel elltil A .maet eht rof ,tih tsrif eht ekat ot yrt I ,syug yakO
    “siht no tnemmoc ot tsrif eht eB”

    I think this qualifies as Sidequest 2 😉

    For Sidequest 1 me thinksa two ones standing side by side like twins in the magique of a cold winter´s day in the ´Borough ^^

  12. Djed Moros - Chief Barista of the Finely Ground Guild says:

    More please.

  13. Ulli says:

    cats? I´ve found Bison & the Boar Boys! Yeah!!

  14. Inder says:

    Uhh… I can see…. COLOURS…

    This gets on Tvtropes. 🙂

  15. Phil says:


  16. Der Lukas says:

    “Be the first to comment on this”
    Okay guys, I try to take the first hit, for the team. A little less pressure for the next commenters!

    – Dragons !!!
    – Colors !!!
    – Magique !!!
    – Inversion !!!

    This might be the best medial representation of Tripping ever devised, and the most deliberate use of the Web Comic format along the way, and I want to give lectures and speeches and papers on it, goddammit!

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